2011-6-4 RDP Patch: Multi User supports for Win7 SP1 system [Download]
2011-6-7 Virtual WLAN: Share Internet via Win7 with VWLAN [Download]
2011-9-3 Denlish: A language created by me with Letter and Hanzi
2011-9-4 BadApple: Console application that play bad apple though letters [Video] [Code]
2011-10-5 Tomato Server: A website based on the tomato firmware router
2012-6-9 Norclish: New version of Denlish, With out Hanzi, New grammer
2012-7-3 AutoClean: Clean system's temp file when startup [Download]
2012-7-17 TPLINK Config: Setup TP-LINK wireless router, Unfinished Code only [Code]
2013-5-3 Xgamma-gui: Change monitor color settings and apply on Ubuntu startup [Code]
2013-10-7 SmartHome: Web interface of smarthome based on openwrt nginx + php [Code]
2014-1-15 LiveTVDecoder: Decode live stream URL from other website, Unfinished [Code]
2014-1-28 WiGLE DataSheet: Collect WLAN information and show on Website [Code]
2014-3-14 Norlish Webpage: This webpage you are seeing
2014-6-13 Bmp2Div: Convert bmp data to div blocks and show in webpage [Code]
2014-6-29 ChatServer: A chat server based on php terminal [Code]
2014-7-24 OSU!Downloader: Download beatmaps automatically in multiplay mode [Code]
2014-7-26 MCBackup: backup MC-server map to baidudisk everyday automatically [Code]
2014-7-31 TTPod for Foobar2000: Online plugin for Foobar2000 [Code & Download]
2014-8-14 ChinaNet Dialer: Dial and Re-dial automatically in Linux and Windows [Code]
2014-8-20 phpMyDesktop: Manage your server applications like desktop [Code]
2014-9-9 ChinaNet Manager: View and manage chinanet dialer on web [Code]
2014-12-11 Raspi-RemoteKeyboard: Remote virtual keyboard over TCP from gpio. [Code]
2015-1-13 GoogleIPChecker: Scan Google server ip address and provide web interface. [Code]
2015-1-31 Namebench_CN: A copy version of Google Namebench, used for China. [Code]
2015-8-25 at 5:30 PM, I uninstalled all develop environment.
Stopped I have quit the programming circles.
*Attention: Some link from other site, but they are safety.