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My Skills and favorites

  • Network

  • Front-End Design

  • Post Production

  • Language
Introduction about Norckon

Hi, Nice to meet you, This is Pekaikon Norckon, you can call me Norckon. I has just graduated from my university. My major is computer science, but I don't think I like it. I like Network like cisco or mikrotik products etc., and I also like web front-end design, media post-production, study language etc. This is my personal website, some useful tool or article or note in this site. learn more information about Norckon, you can find in the menu bar.

Personal Details
Name Pekaikon Norckon (北極光)
Age Unknown Born in 90s
Education Hunan International Economic University
Live Hunan Province
Favorite MultiMedia Language BlueSky Photograph
Language Chinese-Sim/Tra Norclish English Japanese
Skill Network CSS3 HTML5 Linux(Basic)
Computer ASRock DeskMini 110 with G4560 and 1.12T Storage
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